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Die Casting

Die casting is a similar process to that of injection molding. A die or mold is used to inject molten metal into the tool which then cools until the part can be removed and handled without distortion.  This is typically used for high-volume applications due to the tooling investment being typically between $10K to $100K for the mold die.  The mold die is commonly made from high performance tool steels, and its lifespan consists of millions of shots until the steel tool begins to deteriorate.  Deterioration of a mold die is due to the high temperatures of the molten metals, and the constant heating/cooling of the steel die which causes the steel to progressively crack on its outer surfaces until the cast part is no longer acceptable. MANSOLO has often refurbished sections of the tool to save our customers the expense of a new tool. Parts produced from diecasting are very consistent, and offer the lowest cost to cast a part.

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